A Religious Man

No airs and graces Willie

A plain and simple Scot

Minted out of Uddingston

See me – that’s what you’ve got

And that was why it worked for him

The plain and simple truth

A brother and a man of God

From such a callow youth


No advanced education

No marks or high degrees

But oceans of humanity

Gentle as a breeze

Kind and easy going

And stubborn yes that’s true

Humble servant of the Lord

To follow and to do


Used to visit prisoners

Bob around the place

I imagine he was welcomed

By those who knew disgrace

As I say no airs and graces

Everyone the same

William McDermott

Now you know his name


Brian Fahy

28 February 2023


+ William McDermott C.Ss.R, (1949-2023) a Redemptorist brother was buried today at Bishop Eton, Liverpool.

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