Retrieved from what was lost

Brought back into a fold

No longer now forsaken

Your precious story told

All the lives we throw away

Discard into a bin

Recovered now and cherished

For the life that might have been


The crucified he stands for all

Arms wide upon a cross

Identified as refuse

He gathers all that’s lost

Rejuvenate reclaim your self

And know your native soil

I loved you from the very first

Let love be all your toil


Brian Fahy

27 February 2023


Unforgotten, the television series returns to our screens tonight. It concerns the discovery of the remains of people who have been cruelly murdered and never heard of again. Finding remains begins the process of ‘unforgetting’, whereby we reclaim and restore dignity to a cruelly treated person.


Jesus crucified was intended to be a forgotten one, nailed to a cross and buried in a tomb. But in his rising Jesus becomes the unforgotten, and the first of all who faithfully follow him, by the simple goodness of their lives.

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