Take Care

They say it’s human error

This rail tragedy in Greece

My instinct was to look away

It just disturbs the peace

The horror of disaster

Mangled carnage there

Head on crash too terrible

Weeping in the air


And Linda Kasabian has died

Another tragedy

The Manson family madness

The Helter Skelter spree

Stories of neglected children

Finding God in dope

Causing untold mayhem

Abandon ye all hope


Oh yes it’s human error

The ways that we go wrong

The ways we do not care at all

Just singing our own song

I have come to call the lost he says

Sinners to repentance

Let care be all your striving now

Take care – the truest sentence


Brian Fahy

1 March 2023


+ The Manson family saga reveals stories of child neglect that led to crime and drugs and finally murder. We must care for one another. It is the basic duty we have in life.

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