Green and Blue

Old Firm an ancient poison

Entrenched in a fair green place

Choking people up with hate

Anger in your face

It’s Ulster’s story told again

A transplanted people’s pain

The famine brought the Irish here

To join a crowded drain


Not wanted and not welcome

Easy to see why

The Glasgow poor were poor enough

Without the Irish cry

And so began the rivalry

The hatred and the fights

Now enacted on a field

The Green the Blue the rights


Time we hope will soften things

Make the fight more mellow

But attitudes becomes entrenched

I hate the other fellow

There’s never been a treaty

Or the laying down of arms

We fight until the bitter end

And those are all your charms


Brian Fahy

26 February 2023


+ Unless people make a decision to be at peace with others, old wrongs and injustices will fester into feuds, and people will waste so much of their lives hating people they do not know.

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