The Help Of God

We ought to pray for Russia

Like we did before

And pray for the Ukraine

Perhaps it needs it more

For problems are intractable

Just like a knotted rope

The longer it goes on

The less it seems does hope


Supplying tanks and aeroplanes

To bolster a defence

While Russia pours in soldiers

And further armaments

Can only further terror

Causing many more to die

And the effort for a ceasefire

We hardly even try


The Tower of Babel looms today

How God confused our tongues

And made us hard to understand

And hard to get along

Vaunted pride our wickedness

Reaching to the sky

When carrying the cross is called for

The way for you and I


Brian Fahy

17 February 2023


+ Putin in his own words tells us that the threat to Russia comes from three issues in Ukraine – its neutrality, its militarisation and its intention to be as a western democracy. These issues remind us that our poor relations with Russia since 1945 need to be addressed and improved.

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