Natural Disaster

While I slept

Storm Otto came along

And blew my garden fence near to the ground

I’ve propped it up for now

Until a proper job

Can make my little garden safe and sound


Then I read about a new born babe

Whose mum through earthquake

Held him safe and sound

Inside her tum until the rescue came

She’s widowed now

But help has rallied round


‘God’s will,’ she says

‘Is above everything everywhere

No one knows where the end will be’

We do not rule the roost

That much is clear

But goodness love and truth

Will set us free


Brian Fahy

17 February 2023


+ A woman from Yemen, refugee from war, settled in Turkey, only to become a victim of the earthquake. She was buried under rubble, pregnant with her baby until she was rescued. She gave birth while rescuers went back to search for her husband. Sadly he had died.


My garden fence blew down during the night.

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