But I Say This To You

Matthew 5:17-37


I heard it said today

This world is a place that permits everything

And forgives nothing

I recognise that place

We have done away with all taboos and rules

Let folk do what they want

Even be fools

But if they cross a line

Then damned they’ll be

The one leads to the other

Don’t you see?


Today we hear the Lord give out his law

The way that we should live

And what it’s for

The life of virtue battling with vice

Virtue needs deep roots

Away from ice

Warm your heart within the love of God

Every day renew the path you trod


Thou shalt not kill

Nor commit adultery

Nor utter oaths

This is only the half of it

You must love and honour

Speak the truth of it


For this the Lord was put upon a cross

Do not think your life will be any less

The faithful heart must follow to the end

And hear the blessed words

Well done my friend


Brian Fahy

12 February 2023

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