A Troubled Soul

Mark 5:1-20


The Gadarene demoniac

Went naked among the tombs

Fetters could not hold him

Nor control his psychic wounds

He wandered alone among the dead

And clear out of his mind

A loony left beneath the moon

The townsfolk now turned blind


The sight of Jesus draws him near

He falls down at his feet

And shouts to be left alone

Asks Jesus to retreat

But Jesus calms the troubled man

Restores him to his self

Clothed and in his right mind

A person in true wealth


Whatever troubles we endure

Whatever brings alarm

The presence of the loving Lord

Can restore again our calm

Bring your self before the Lord

And pray for peace to come

Then clothed and in your right mind

Stand in this world’s sun


Brian Fahy

30 January 2023


+ Physical ills and mental anxieties come to trouble us all in life. The demoniac, a frightening sight to see, is full of his own fears, and approaches the one who can cure him, even as he shouts at him to go away. The Lord is firm with him but not harmful or destructive.

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