Humanae Vitae

Where do you come from?

Pilate asked of Jesus

It is a wonderful question

Our origin says so much


I do not begin with me

My origins go back

Deep into the mists of time

No heritage I lack


Most especially family

My father and my mother

I’ve known those people all my life

They truly were life giver


I feel the warmth of mother’s love

I know my father’s power

His towering strength of right and wrong

Even in this hour


The break up of our family life

A pain so many suffer

Important then our love to share

Embracing sister brother


Brian Fahy

30 January 2023


+ The sexual revolution of the 1960s has not brought joy to people. Rather it has broken down healthy relationships in favour of the selfish pursuit of pleasure. The Pill never solved a problem. It created more. Loneliness is now endemic among us.


I have listened with great approval these past days to Mary Eberstadt, to Louise Perry and to Julie Bindel.

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