My whole life has roots so deep

I can’t help but be well

My mother father family

Where I joyed to dwell


My cousins too across the sea

And in Manchester

All the ties that bind me

My clan my family


I am not human on my own

I know not how to be

But give me love and example

And I will happy be


Brian Fahy

29 January 2023


+ I have just listened to Mary Eberstadt and her lectures about religious decline and the sexual revolution. She makes the powerful case for human family. We are born into a family; at least we used to be. It is the natural family environment that nurtures our human growth. Without that loving environment we are in danger of being lost souls and lonely souls in this world.


In the recent sad case of the murder of a woman in London the killer had the most atrocious history of family neglect as a child. He was a stranger to his own humanity because family love was something he had never known.


We are not meant to be isolated individuals in this world, but children of loving parents and wider family.

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