Give Me Strength

City make me angry

They rob you of time and space

Those precious possessions

That give the game its grace


Physically fit and fast

They rush to close you down

No time no space to play in

 A game fit for a clown


A game requires two parties

With time and space and ball

But City want to dominate

They want to have it all


A spoilt child takes the ball

I’ll play with it myself

Until it learns a wiser way

To share with others helps


Their game is no spectacle

I wouldn’t pay to watch

Football needs to two sides to play

To run and jump and catch


High press ruins everything

Smothers all the life

It’s a game we’re playing not a war

Let’s play it now good grief


Brian Fahy

28 January 2023


+ High press destroys the joy of free flowing football. You rob the opposition of time and space and then of the ball, and you rob the spectator of the joy of football’s to and fro. Time and space are vital elements in the joy of living and of playing games. High press is a ruination of the game.


Modern life is obsessed with winning and succeeding. A game offers the possibilities of winning and losing and drawing. It also offers the possibility of pure enjoyment in taking part in the game. High press kills all joy.

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