Beside A Well

Jesus sat beside a well

High noon of the day

A woman came for water

Please give me some I pray


They fell in conversation

And gently it poured out

Her tale of troubled living

He gently listened out


Her life that day she truly told

Her story was received

She felt herself full understood

For all those times aggrieved


For women are the sufferers

In oh so many ways

And men use them for pleasure

And then just walk away


The Lord he counsels reverence

For every human being

No cover up no stripping bare

But something in between


Clothe our selves in kindness

Garments to keep us warm

And treat all women gracefully

Preserve us Lord from harm


Brian Fahy

18 January 2023


+ Muslim culture advocates total cover up. Western culture strips women bare. Domestic abuse is everywhere and sex is regarded as a pleasurable right instead of the form of personal loving. Women are assaulted every day and angry men do not know how to be human.

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