The Death has occurred…

A man has died in Erris

Itself is nothing strange

Only it sets my mind a-travelling

Along lonely road and range

Geesala and Dooyork

The road out to the sea

This quiet night so dark and cold

Nobody out but me


And yet the word has travelled

The Internet alive

And messages of condolence

Are sent and they arrive

To tell the people you’re not alone

In this quiet western world

We send our love to all of you

And the man his story told


The land is poor the roads are dark

It is bog land all around

But little houses here and there

Hold a precious sound

The sound of living people

My mother’s native clan

And the power of fellow feeling

For another Irish man


Brian Fahy

17 January 2023


+  A death notice on Midwest Radio told me of someone deceased down Geesala way. I could see the road out to the sea and imagine how deserted it would be on this cold winter night. Then I saw the many messages of condolence that have already accumulated from that Erris community. They know their own and care about their own in a powerful way.

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