Two Sons

Boys together so they are

And brothers

But are they alike?

Not a bit

One is quiet and conscientious

Hardly says a word

The other is all gallivant

Oh and he’ll be heard!


And heard he was and off he went

Discovering foreign places

Last I heard his money spent

He was pulling those long faces


The quiet one just worked away

From early morn till dark

Dutiful I have to say

He never gave a bark


And then one day low and behold

Junior comes back home

Sheepish too I have to say

Wanting to atone


But I’m his father don’t you know

Whatever be the tale

I was overjoyed to see him

A day for cake and ale


All those days and looking out

To see if he would come

He can tell his story later

I have found my son


Now the other won’t come in

What is it I’ve done?

He says I’ve overlooked him

For this prodigal wastrel son


It seems two sons were far away

Though one of them was near

One lost on the gallivant

This other lost to cheer


Each one of us must find himself

Where ever in life we roam

I am a loving father and

I want you all at home


Brian Fahy

17 January 2023


+ Pauline, a friend of mine in Arklow, Ireland asked me to write a poem about the Prodigal Son parable. So I did. Hope you like it, Pauline.

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