To Be Like Christ

Mark 2:23-28


Pharisees finding fault

Is how it starts

They’ll make a habit of it

Satanic arts

The Nazarene is wiser than them all

His power to heal

Has people in his thrall


Later on they will call him evil names

Saying that he plays the devil’s games

Reporting him higher up the line

Searching for the killer capital crime


Thirty silver pieces for the trap

Carted off to prison his last lap

Honestly he answers every foe

Condemned to death to Pilate he will go


What have you done? The Roman governor asks

I have spoken up for truth – that is my task

Truth? On that nobody can agree

But I like you – I’ll try to set you free


Then is public pressure brought to bear

And threats to go to Caesar if you dare

So Pilate washes hands can do no more

They don’t want you – show him now the door


Brian Fahy

17 January 2023


+ Public opinion, public pressure, insults and hostile arguments, anger and accusation make up our daily news. The world was no different in the time of Jesus. He knew and met it all. Our vocation as followers of the Lord is to imitate his way in this daily world. To speak openly and honestly: to refrain from personal insult or accusation: to name things truly and to be prepared for unkind and unjust attitudes in others: To be willing to engage with all people either in friendship or in toleration. The example of the Lord in how to relate to others is there for us to see on every page of the Gospel story.

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