Nature’s Remedy

I do not like big cities

Full of crowded streets

Give me the quiet villages

Where town and country meet

Where people have green spaces

And hills that they can climb

And gently flowing waters

Creation in its prime


The cobbled streets of Tyldesley

Were built to house a force

Of hard working people

For mine and mill of course

No gardens for these servile folk

Just two up two down

And bingo and a pint or two

To help the world go round


But Tyldesley folk still had their dreams

And allotments to their name

And many folk kept pigeons

Or fishing was the game

And football too and rugby

And cricket in its time

The dark satanic mills escaped

Escape too from the mines


Brian Fahy

17 January 2023


+ A report today tells us how green spaces are vital for health, and how people who can access green spaces are less dependent on prescription drugs.


My home town of Tyldesley was built up to house people for the mines and the mills: Row upon row of terraced houses with no gardens. But the people found a way to live a more natural life by keeping allotments and pigeons and greyhounds, and fishing and sport. The streets where they lived were ugly, but their own spirits were alive and in love with beauty.


A new estate was built after the war, houses with gardens back and front, and set among fields. I was fortunate to grow up there, just a mile from the old town. I could see the grim streets but I escaped them.

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