Close Beside You

God is never far away

In fact he is very near

Step inside your own dear heart

That place you sometimes fear


They told me when I went to school

God is everywhere

A catechism lesson

The truth it was right there


God lives in that secret place

When you want to pray

The Lord himself gave us this truth

It never went away


God knows you and loves you

He knows your every thought

Your feelings and your fantasies

Every fight you’ve fought


He is there beside you every day

Help nearer than the door

Speak to him and listen

Your heart that’s what it’s for


Brian Fahy

20 December 2022


+ At primary school we had great fun in the school yard pointing out funny places where God would be, this after our catechism class had told us ‘God is everywhere’. What a precious truth we held in our hands.

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