You Belong To Me

I haven’t done Christmas cards this year

I plead disinclination

Maybe old age and solitary

And maybe hibernation

But I think of folk

Remember them

As Christmas day approaches

And I send best wishes to you all

To avoid possible reproaches


The feast spells out ‘belonging’

And that’s hard when on your own

I think of folk in doorways

Whose lives are so forlorn

I think of anyone on their own

Living without connection

It isn’t meant to be this way

We all need some affection


My grandsons come and play with me

Upstairs for hide and seek

They call me ‘granddad’ all the time

They really make my week

I am a prized possession

I belong now in their lives

I have my place

I am not alone

And that is joy of joys


Brian Fahy

19 December 2022


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