The Visit


It came through my letterbox this morning

A card a letter

An annual visitation

My cousin’s girl Siobhan is writing to me

I recognize black ink

Familiar script


Four pages she has written

At her table

Just for me

To share the life she lives

She opens up her home her heart

Her feelings

And lets me in

To know what’s going on


I ‘did’ her wedding many years ago

The year before I left to find my own

Since then I’ve been adopted

By Siobhan

And every year her words to me have flown


A faithful correspondence through the years

Her father my first cousin

And my friend

Today tells of Mary’s visitation

Such constancy love that knows no end


Brian Fahy

21 December 2022


+ Yesterday I came across a letter from my cousin Raymond, who died in 2021. Written in response to my letter informing him that I had left the priesthood, he quoted back to me the words I had spoken at Siobhan’s wedding. ‘We do not tell our story to anyone. You would be a fool to do so. We tell our story to those we love and to those who love us.’

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