Brief Encounter

Loch Earn

Seen from St Fillans

This frosty chilly morn

Takes me back beyond fifty years

When all the world was young

Four men in a limousine

Passed through Crieff’s small town

And I stood on the pavement

Looking down


The Beatles bound for Dundee east

Crept slowly through the town

A bottleneck of traffic

Briefly slowed them down

And looking down I saw a face

Familiar to me then

Ringo and George the ones I saw

Well now would you ken!


I a fledgling novice

Sent out on a hike

In boots that didn’t fit me

An omen of my life

And four young scousers

In their prime

Making youngsters scream

I saw them then

St Fillans men

In truth it was no dream


Brian Fahy

17 December 2022


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