Awake in the West

When I went to Ireland

I travelled back in time

Left industrial Lancashire

Its coal dust and its grime

Made my way across the sea

Into another land

And backwards into poverty

They called it Paddy’s land


My father often sang that song

His voice clear in my mind

‘In Paddy’s land

But poverty you’ll find’

And yet he truly loved the place

He could have settled there

The boxty and the bacon

The pint and the fresh air


But life demanded otherwise

A family to feed

And so he lived in Lancashire

Seeing to our need

But every year in summertime

We faced into the West

The breezes out of Erris blew

It was the very best


Brian Fahy

17 December 2022


+ In many ways we had the best of both worlds, growing up in Lancashire and visiting Mayo every summer. Glencullen was my second home. I had two homes all my life. No one could be richer.

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