God must be found in this world

Or he will not be found at all

So look at the sky and wonder

The moon and the stars say it all

The earth’s magnificent mountains

Its rivers and deepest blue seas

The wonder of all this creation

Can bring us all to our knees


And the wonder of man

The image of God we are told

The beauty of children around us

The wisdom of folk when they’re old

And then the fault in the making

The fearful emergence of sin

Corruptio optimi pessima

Hard to take that all in


And then the wonder of Jesus

That God becomes one of us

His brilliance simplicity goodness

Nailed to a cold callous cross

And every year we recall it

And every day live it anew

The Lord is with us believe it

Open your heart and you’ll know


Brian Fahy

16 December 2022


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