In Dark Days

I was born in a manor house

South Manchester long ago

Used as a maternity home

I came before the snow

Then winter came in deep snow drifts

My mammy took me home

A garret room in Katie’s house

St Paul’s Road Withington


That winter was a bleak one

The year of ‘47

The snow was deep the bitter chill

The cold all crisp and even

War was over the country poor

Ration books the order

My father out of the army now

A wife and child to care for


Made his way to Tyldesley

Went to see his brothers

Mining now was looking up

Come and join the others

So off to Tyldesley we came

And lived a while as lodgers

Until a new built house was ours

A due reward for soldiers


Life seems grim now as I write

With cold and strikes and war

And nobody has a decent word

Just argument jaw jaw

But let the light within you shine

Just like a new-born son

And lead you on to better days

And bring you to your home


Brian Fahy

16 December 2022 


+ Present days are grim in the cold of winter, with war in Ukraine, and with social and industrial unrest in the UK. But it is nothing new. Do not allow the darkness roundabout to quench the light of life from your heart. Remember your forebears, those who went before you and who fought the good fight. Honour them by following them.

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