The Cry of the Poor

Untried and un-convicted

And unattended to

A young man in a prison cell

Could be me or you

Comes down with pneumonia

Left until the morn

Finally prison door unlocks

But the young man is gone


He died neglected in his cell

His cries for help ignored

And minimised as we often do

You’ve only got a cold

And locked up in a narrow cell

Cast out from the world

You’ve lost your right to freedom

Your cries will go unheard


The Lord tells us a story

A lost sheep all alone

Wandering on a hillside

Faraway from home

The shepherd goes to find her

He will not rest until

He hears that cry and carries her

Back home across the hill


Brian Fahy

6 December 2022


+ To remember Alex Braund, aged 25, a young chef who died neglected by those charged with his care, in Nottingham Prison in March 2020.

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