Our Dying Day

Pele is on palliative care

The end is coming soon

The end of life approaches

But this is not a doom

An announcer says ‘prepare for the worst’

As if death is a surprise

But death is not a final curse

For from the grave we rise


At the bus stop yesterday

We talked of dying days

Of ICU and nursing

And of managing our ways

How lovely to die at home

If this can be the case

And if not let us be at peace

And look Christ in the face


A wise old priest once said to me

Many years ago

We must help one another to live

And also to let go

Helping people on their way

By being at their side

And holding hands so vital

Till they reach the other side


My grandmother stretched out her arms

As they clothed her in her shroud

She knew her days were ended

Her children were so proud

Such a mother she had been

Widowed for so long

She went to God so peacefully

And still we sing her song


Brian Fahy

3 December 2022

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