Quare Times

The destruction of Jerusalem

The fall of the year

Agony among the nations

Hatred anger fear

Portents come together

The signs of the times

Cold disturbing weather

Oh for warmer climes


In the midst of darkness

Jesus sees the light

Coming on the clouds of heaven

Justice in all its might

From the throne of Calvary

Arms out open wide

In our troubles stand erect

The Lord is by our side


Soon the days of Advent

Open a new year

The coming of the Lord again

Reasons for to cheer

In the bleak mid winter

Look out for the sun

Our life renewed in every day

Place your trust in him


Brian Fahy

24 November 2022


+ Quare Times won the Grand National in 1955. I guess the name means ‘strange times’, but as I began to learn Latin I realised it could also mean ‘Why are you afraid?’ The name suits the season. We live in strange times and that in its self often gives us cause to be afraid. But faith in Our Lord is a power that overcomes all fear.

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