Forcing The Issue

They shot him dead

For possession of a gun

Robert Erskine Childers

And for being an Englishman

English-Irish heritage

Imperialist and rebel

Rode his bike from Kerry

Right into his peril


In America they live with guns

Call it a human right

Then someone goes on a killing spree

A one-way vicious fight

The cops arrive it’s then too late

The damage has been done

They close the barn door after them

And after the horse has run


In Scotland the answer ’s ‘No’

We cannot give permission

You’ll have to use good arguments

It’s only the intermission

If we want independence

There is still a way to go

Patience is the only game

Life comes dropping slow


Brian Fahy

23 November 2022


+ It is a hundred years ago today that Robert Erskine Childers was executed in Dublin. His crime was possession of a hand gun in his home, a gift from Michael Collins two years earlier. But fraught times made such possession punishable by death.


+ In America, in Virginia, a man has shot dead several people in a Walmart store and injured many more, before shooting himself.


+ In the UK a court has ruled a referendum on Scottish independence not permissible. Better to keep on with the political discourse and see how the views grow or change, and to bring a great majority with you. Better that than the bloodshed that so damaged Ireland and Irish families for so many years. Today it is possible to see how Ireland may actually grow into a unity that one hundred years ago was so bitterly disputed.

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