I am back at school

My book arrived today

The Power and the Wisdom

By John L McKenzie S.J.

I feel enthused as I sit and read

The man a scholar true

And a healthy human being

That comes shining through


If you google Hawkstone Hall

You will see before your eyes

The splendours of a country house

Magnificent no disguise

A home for happy weddings now

For doing things in style

Built for wealthy aristocrats

Noble country pile


Six long years I spent there

Seminary days

Happy to forget them now

A sad and sorry haze

Cut off from life in ordinary

Never saw a soul

Study in Salopian mist

No one shouted foul


Now I come full circle

Enthused by books again

To study Christ and follow him

And try to ascertain

The fullness of his teaching

The truth for all to see

The mystery of life itself

Unfolding now to me


Brian Fahy

14 November 2022

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