Nah Then Sithee

Look back and yes remember

The days of photographs

The days of our childhood

The playtime and the laughs

The coming home at teatime

The dinner on the table

The bath on Saturday night

Cosy like a stable


But don’t look back forever

That will never do

Today is just as good

Come on let’s have a brew

And tomorrow will be wonderful

Just you wait and see

The stages of our little life

So good just to be


I have so many yesterdays

The memory is full

The tomorrows will be fewer

And hopefully not dull

But every day that ever was

And those that yet will be

Go by the name of today you know

So live it faithfully


Brian Fahy

13 November 2022


+ In Italy they ‘Allora’, and in France they say ’Eh bien’, and in Tyldesley they say, ‘Nah then sithee’.



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