November Notice


A lovely lady dies too soon

Road accident I see

A nurse she was

A lovely nurse

Who sees you or me?

We do not know the half of it

Until the person dies

And then our love it is outpoured

Tears blur our eyes


And here today another shock

A lovely lady dies

I knew her years ago I did

Another day for sighs

She lived in London Clapham way

I was welcomed in that house

I loved the direct way she had

Not timid like a mouse


A Mayo girl God love her

It felt like being at home

She put up the dinner to me

Made the plate to groan

She was feisty she was spirit

Achill to the bone

God bless you Bridie Mangan

Now that you’ve gone home


Bran Fahy

15 November 2022


+ A lovely lady, Marie Pollard, has died following a road accident in Dublin. I have occasionally been in touch with her brother, Stephen Farragher, who is parish priest in Ballyhaunis, County Mayo.


Revisiting the Mid West Radio Obituary site I suddenly see a name I know – Bridie Mangan, a lovely lady from Achill Island. She was a great friend to me in my young days as a priest in Clapham Common.


Eternal rest to Marie and Bridie.

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