To See Again


I am blind you know

I cannot see

I cannot earn my bread

I depend on others’ kindness

Not to be left for dead

The world goes by me every day

I cannot see a thing

Life it seems will pass me by

I have no song to sing


But suddenly a commotion

A sudden change of pace

People gathering all around

Trying to see a face

Who is it now? I ask someone

The Nazarene they say

On his way to Jerusalem

Coming right this way


And so I shout and call his name

Son of David here

They lead me over to this man

A moment oh so dear

Sir I said in trembling voice

Let me see again

The brightness of this circling world

In all its joy and pain


And that’s the prayer I make today

Calling out your name

Bless my eyes to see again

The beauty of your realm

To see the loveliness of life

To know its simple joy

Each morning on my knees I pray

Your healing hands employ


Brian Fahy

7 November 2022


+ Bartimaeus, the blind man at the side of the road, is an image of our selves. So often in life we become blind to the loveliness of life and to the simple goodness of the Lord.


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