Only Connect

I’ve read enough I feel these days

I am getting tired you see

I’ve read my share of thrillers

And of recent history

I read a lot about the war

I was born shortly after

And my father had been a soldier

So I know about that slaughter


I keep my eye on politics

Though it never seems to change

The UK ruled by Tories

But that’s England for you – strange

Money and self-interest

Are powerful factors both

And the Tories are the experts

They’ve got us by the throat


My lifeline is the gospel

I read it every day

It’s a ticket to where we’re going

Hopefully making hay

It is my great connection

To this world and the next

I will leave my words to grandsons

So they won’t be perplexed


And connection is the keyword

We all belong you see

And rubbing shoulders as we go

We see us healthily

My family and my neighbours

The people on the bus

Help me to live my daily life

Hop on you’re one of us


Brian Fahy

November 6 2022


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