Remembering My Father

I remember my father’s shake of the head

When Thatcher went to war

War solves nothing my father said

He’d seen it all before


All those theatres of World War Two

Iraq and desert sand

El Alamein and Rommel

The Desert Fox command


D-Day then and Normandy

Caen razed to the ground

The bulge they made round Malmedy

That bloody battleground


The final advance into Germany

The round up of the strays

Arrests a guy – it’s Himmler

An ending to amaze


Then in his chair and getting on

He watched the Falkland ships

Set sail for southern oceans

That won’t be fish and chips


And now the shock of Russia

Attacking in Ukraine

You’d think we’d had enough of war

But we do it all again


And once the fighting has started

It’s very hard to stop

Anger rises blood is boiled

We’ll fight till blood’s last drop


We have a duty every one

To utter words of peace

To practice patience every day

So wonders will never cease


Brian Fahy

8 November 2022

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