This World and the Next


I met Jesus early doors

I found him as a child

The story of the manger

Mary meek and mild

The tabernacle sanctuary lamp

The ever-present Lord

The stations all around the walls

The cruelty they told


The parables and stories

The way he spoke to all

The love of God for everyone

The mercy when we fall

The drama of the passion

The sorrow of the cross

All of life reflected here

In this tale of loss


The mission given Easter day

The joy that conquers pain

The story of each human soul

Told and told again

This faith is insight into now

Into every day

Treasure each and every one

I have shown the way


Brian Fahy

5 November 2022


+ Faith in the Lord and in the truth of heaven teaches us how precious is the here and now and every person in the world. It is not pie in the sky, but the meat and drink of everyday life. We are of God’s creating hand and with a very high destiny.

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