Apparently we are being invaded

Something Hitler could not breach

Dinghies dancing through the waves

Land on Dover beach

Forty thousand illegals

Coming to our shores

This island demi paradise

We want to close the door


What was it John Donne said of old?

We are part of the main

We can’t pretend it’s otherwise

Or avoid this world’s pain

People fleeing hunger

People fleeing war

People looking for a better life

Knocking on our door


Rogues as well of course there are

We’ve plenty of our own

That’s no excuse for saying

We’re now in a war zone

‘Those Eastern Europeans

Where’ve they come flocking from?’

A famous phrase to Gordon Brown

There’s more where they came from


Divide and conquer is how you solve

Any problem that you have

Don’t lump them all together

Concentration camp

We organise so many things

But with this we seem to flounder

Different when we go to war

No one does it sounder


Brian Fahy

1 November 2022

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