Waking The Titanic

I have never watched Titanic

It’s too sad

To watch a story knowing that they die

In cold uncaring waters

Beneath a starless sky

Bodies floating killed by cold

A world left wondering why


But I watched another film today

About people then on board

Fourteen souls from Addergoole

In the county of Mayo

Bound for old Chicago

A new life to be made

Waked off for America

Parting tears were paid


News came back of tragedy

Eleven of them were drowned

Three survived to make a life

In the land that they had found

And to this day in Lahardane

On April’s darkest night

The folk process and ring the bell

For those long gone

For those now out of sight


Brian Fahy

31 October 2022


+ The people of the village of Lahardane, Mayo process to the church at 2.20am, on 15 April, commemorating the time that the Titanic sank in 1912, and remember their neighbours who left for a new life and perished so sadly in dark Atlantic waters.


At the time of their deaths, the people back home laid out linen on the bed and placed a picture of their loved one there and gathered round to wake that person. They had no body and no grave to visit, but they could still ‘wake’ the dead.

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