Gun Law


We are conditioned people all of us

The way the world goes round that’s what we know

And in a massive country – America

You never know who’s there – you never know


And guns provided answers for security

And then became the way things have to be

And then became a right to have a weapon

Self-defence begins with you and me


Now guns have turned against us no control

Angry disturbed people on the prowl

America will destroy itself with weapons

It can’t let go – so it will howl and howl


Brian Fahy

15 October 2022


+ Guns in America is a huge problem and not easy to solve. The sheer size of the country, the sense of needing to feel safe, and the history of guns in the story of the nation presents an enormous issue.


John Wayne movies, and Clint Eastwood and Charles Bronson all gave out the message that guns solve problems. As a child, reading comics and imitating what I read of cowboys and Indians, I was given the same message. This is a great suffering in America.

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