Never Lose Heart


I lost heart

I lost the will to live

After Margaret died

After I had cried

I felt alone


What now can I do?

The road ahead I could not see

This was dead end for me


Now the sun is shining

Two grandsons visit me

My son I find my mainstay

All unworthily

My health is fairly constant

I have my own front door

And spaghetti Bolognese today

I do not ask for more


But losing heart was frightening

I had never known before

How low a human being gets

Your spirit on the floor

And counselling was the cure for me

The simple gift of speech

Confiding in another

For things once out of reach


So now I ask the Lord each day

To give my heart the strength

To live this day as gratefully

As all my life’s long length

So many things we can’t control

But this is in our power

To pray be still and understand

The gift that is in this hour


Brian Fahy

16 October 2022

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