Do Good To Those Who Hate You


What good is done by putting the boy to death?

I answer ‘none’

No good is done to him or you or me

But he must pay we say

And yes he will pay

With years of life in prison for his crime


Some people need to stay there all the time

But others need the promise of release

A goal to work towards

A mind at peace

A prison that only punishes

Fails to understand

Our lives needs restoration

We journey hand in hand


The horror of the crime

Stirs us up

We feel the need to punish

Punish hard

And we leave folk then to rot

Our feelings then subside

And innocents die in prison

All forgot


Lock them up and throw away the key

A cruel emotion

There are better ways to be

To show a person truly how to live

To punish yes

But rescue from a grave


Brian Fahy

13 October 2022


+ After watching the court proceedings in Florida for the mass killing at Parkland school, and watching the story of the fire that killed the Doyle family in Glasgow in 1984, and remembering the Guildford Four and Birmingham Six who were condemned by popular opinion after pub bombings in England.

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