The Hairs On Your Head

Luke 12:1-7


To lose your life to violence

Is tragedy enough

But to sell your soul to the devil

So much worse


Think of Adolf Hitler

And Himmler and the rest

By proposing to themselves an enemy

They justified to themselves

The terror and the havoc

They wrought on others’ lives


The story of that war

Hangs over us still

We never should forget

Our capacity for ill

And yet it’s not the final word

The Lord gives us today

But an image of his father’s love

Remember it I pray


God sees all the sparrows

He knows their span of days

The hairs of your head are counted

An image to amaze

To think God knows you through and through

With love so intimate

Let that inspire the life you live

There is no better fate


Brian Fahy

14 October 2022

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