A Game In Govan

Schadenfreude reared its head today

It’s not a pleasant feeling I must say

A wry smile a silent chuckle

A quiet hip hooray

But more than that is dangerous

It destroys our health I’d say


It’s just a game of football

Oh no it’s more than that

And Glasgow tribes are famous

For their on going rival spat

And seeing the other humbled

Causes us to smile

Until of course the tables turn

And we’re down for a while


The Rangers have a slogan

We are the “People” true

Proud of their heritage

Proud to play in blue

But others too have slogans

Identities to wear

And respecting one another

Will keep us free and fair


Brian Fahy

13 October 2022


+ Schadenfreude – taking delight in the misfortune of others: I felt it this morning and I do not wish to indulge it. To lose a game 7-1 is no joke. Rival banter is good and fine and healthy too, but to indulge delight in the misery of others does not enlarge the soul. We do need to respect one another at all times.


We shake hands at the beginning and the end of a game. It is meant to mean something. Peace between us. Let that be.

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