Hilary Mantel


Her like again

We will not see they say

I get a sense of that

Watching her way

Of talking slowly

Thinking all the while

A careful cautious lady

And of style


I haven’t read her yet

I swerved away

Twice studied Tudors

Enough for me I’d say

And Henry 8

I haven’t words to say

How hatefully I think of him

And his heartless way


But Mantel makes you think again

I think

She gets inside bare facts

The kitchen sink

Those years of silent study

Silent cell

She brings to light

A story she can tell


Now public talk seems frivolous

And fond

Public noise to drown the silent sound

Of history walking live again

Through markings on a page

Go buy the books and read again

About that other age


Brian Fahy

24 September 2022

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