Nature Teaches Us

There’s a lad in County Sligo

Been living on his own

On his own land


He really grows his own

I like to watch his videos

‘Mossy Bottom’ is the name

I’ve learned so much by watching him

I think you’d do the same


Today a powerful lesson

He has given up to me

About the ways of nature

And about diversity

He wonders why it is

That nothing dominates

No tree or shrub outstripping all

His answer illuminates


Dominance brings vulnerability

It eventually pays the price

Brings itself to ruin

Isn’t very nice

Diversity by contrast

Keeps all nature well

Diversity is strength he tells me

And that’s a brilliant sell


I see this now in Putin

Russia’s dominant man

All powerful in his own land

Others cannot stand

But his power makes him vulnerable

Up there on his own

Come down to County Sligo pal

And see how things are grown


Brian Fahy

23 September 2022

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