Be Brave

Everybody hurts

Says the song

It’s true enough

Be life short or long

Mantel lost her father

Then she lost her health

Cannot now have children

That joy that bliss that wealth


The time of Reformation

Everybody hurts

Hunting down the heretics

Burning innocents

Ever since the argument

Who is right or wrong?

Catholic or Protestant

Will someone change the song!


Jesus lived a life of joy

Yet knew that death would come

And tried to warn his followers

To add this to the sum

Everyone will feel some pain

Sorrow will come too

But faith and hope and honest love

Will all our strength renew


Brian Fahy

24 September 2022


+ Hilary Mantel’s personal life had its fair share of trouble and personal sadness. Her writings in her historical trilogy about the Tudor reformation show us the hurts and harms inflicted on everyone who lived through that time. We still argue the rights and wrongs of it all. Mark Twain tells us it is better to be kind than to be right, for in being kind we will always be right.


The Lord lived his life knowing full well what would happen to him, but he was not a miserable person. His truthfulness and his honesty and his kindness were the mark of his life. Our lives too know their sorrows and their pain. But we must not allow that to dictate life to us. We rise again.

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