I am amazed I must admit

To see this British queue

Long lines of orderly people

Hello how do you do?

We developed it in wartime

When rationing was on

Get in line and wait your turn

And meanwhile sing a song


And now her Majesty in state

Catafalque on high

Ancient hall Westminster

The long queue snaking by

They’ll be there for hours

Even overnight

Let it rain they don’t mind

They’ll get a glimpse a sight


It’s a way of saying thank you

A way to show respect

A personal meeting one to one

Though one of us is dead

The Brits are famous for it

Nothing like a queue

Maybe you’ll meet a special one

And one day say ‘I do’


Brian Fahy

14 September 2022


+ Four days of lying-in-state will see thousands file past the coffin of the Queen.



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