Loving Kindness

“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.’

 Mark Twain

What has life now taught me?

What has come home to me?

All my years in priesthood

Then in family

What has come through shining clear?

Beyond what reason says

It is the warmth of kindness

That comforts all our days


Lemn Sissay says he has no one

To turn and comfort him

He began a child alone

No family no kin

And yes he found his way in life

He found a happy place

But lonely is never far away

It stares him in the face


In younger days we argue

We fight for what is right

We get angry and frustrated

At things beyond our might

But gradually we settle down

We listen and we learn

Sorrow comes and wisdom comes

And then old age our turn


And life has brought us lessons

Experience we say

And it comes to pass that reason

Is not the only way

Warmth of heart and tenderness

A healing presence here

Enfolds our loved ones safely

And drives away all fear


Brian Fahy

14 September 2022

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