Steady rain

Balmoral mist

We cannot see too far

And yet a sun is shining somewhere

Somewhere there’s a star

Ageing Liz meets rising Liz

Another day begins

The old queen happy in her highland home

Britain in its sins


I do not have a castle

But true I have my home

And that’s the best place you can know

No matter where you roam

I gave up home when but a child

And missed it all my life

Until I met a lovely lass

Who then became my wife


Covid taught us some home truths

People rallied round

Now poverty might do the same

Help us share home ground

Steady rain and highland mist

The queen all smiles and small

And rising Liz is on the up

Looking ten feet tall


Brian Fahy

6 September 2022


+ Liz Truss travelled to Balmoral to meet the Queen and to be appointed Prime Minister today.

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