No Withered Heart

Luke 6:6-11


He healed the man with the withered hand

Handy if you can get it

Physical bodily health indeed

What a joy is in it

But it isn’t everything you know

A happy heart’s a treasure

And a spirit stronger every day

That is this life’s measure


Good health’s been mine for all my life

Dodgy knees at football

But generally speaking all’s been well

In the physical department

But my soul’s been on a journey

Often in lonely places

Clouds of sadness covered me

Often I hid my faces


Now old age has come my way

The body creaks and moans

But it’s to be expected

Can’t always have the tones

But the spirit is a different game

The spirit needs to flourish

So ask the Lord stretch out your hand

Let him your spirit nourish


Brian Fahy

5 September 2022

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