The Dark

True crime stories

What now can we learn?

That Thailand is a paradise

But only if you return

Our atomised existence

Wanting sea and sand

In far distant places

Away from all command


Meeting up with strangers

Suddenly best friends

Off we go together

We know where this will end

Social life has broken down

It’s only me and you

Let’s get drunk together

Now what shall we do?


Sadly in the morning

A crime scene comes to light

The foul deeds of darkness

The folly of the night

Folks back home heart-broken

She was lovely full of life

Now a solemn funeral

Joy all turned to grief


Brian Fahy

1 September 2022


+ People mix in holiday crowds but nobody knows anybody. Anonymity is a dangerous place. The old ways of social mixing have been eroded for many people. Life is atomised and lonely. Watching too many crime stories would send you into deep sadness. Lovely people lose their lives in anonymous circumstances.

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