Through purple heather climbing higher

Grey stone rocks and scree

Summit stones as markers

Circle stone mystery

Finally the summit

Memory stones lie there

Eight hundred and six metres

High high in the air


Nephin majestic mountain

Sheer fell to the ground

Majestic views of Mayo

Lough Conn silent sound

Many is the time I looked on you

From bus and holiday car

High King commanding Erris

Homage from afar


Other mountains form a chain

The bogs of north Mayo

But you – You stand majestic

Silent and alone

Impressive bulk of mountain

Native of the place

I salute your strength your mystery

Your ever-changing face


Brian Fahy

1 September 2022


+ Written, as I watched a video of Nephin by Patrick Zerkowski, as he climbed on 7th September 2014.

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